Camping etiquette a little different...... but really well described!

1. Plots Latscher are very unpopular, even if the pitches are not equipped with hedges, fences or boundary posts, you keep a certain decent distance from the neighbor's team or awning, even without Corona.

2. if you have children with you, then I am honestly happy when they romp around the place during the day, ride a bike or play catch, which shows that they know something else besides Toggo and PlayStation. However, it would be great if she didn't roar and maraud across the square at 9 p.m. so that you can drink a glass of wine in peace, because I would like to do that too.

3. Playing football is prohibited on 99% of campsites, the reason for this is consideration for the property of others. Unfortunately, I already had injuries in the car as well as in the caravan and there was none, at least no name hung on the dent ⚽️ As a rule, there is a soccer field on almost every place.

4. If a new neighbor arrives, whether with a 50-year-old tent trailer, a used old caravan or a new team for €200,000, get up, say hello and ask if you can help maneuver or push. By the way, if anyone has problems with the construction of his awning or the like, the same applies... Afterwards, the helper is to be rewarded for his efforts with a friendly thank you and a beer or wine.   

5. Sanitary facilities... Before entering it, the least you can do is kick off your feet and get rid of most of the sand. For the shower, after showering, it should be left as if the fussy mother-in-law comes to visit in 5 minutes, the same applies to the sinks and toilet bowls. None of us likes beard stubble, toothpaste leftovers, long hair in the sink or fingernails in the sink and really absolutely no one is happy about poop streaks in the bowl, the toilet brush is not only there for the cleaning crew...!! Oh yes, don't forget to rinse.

6. By the way, except for the toilet brush, this also applies to the sinks, which are clean, wiped and handed over to the next gentleman without any leftovers, yes you heard right, gentlemen!! It's so common at camping to relieve the woman of this annoying task, from that point on, the scullery is almost something like a regulars' table on the campsite, where you can find out what was in the Bild newspaper and what wasn't.


7. Dogs must be kept on a leash on the campsite. Without discussion, even "he doesn't do anything" has a bad day or there are people next to him who just don't want to play with "he just wants to play". There are great solutions, from automatic leashes with ground anchors to sheep fences, everyone should find something for Fifi, Bello & Co Yapping who have to bark at everything and everyone can be prevented.


8. I like music, but neither classical music from the pensioner couple on the left nor mixed with heavy metal from the rocker group on the right next to me. Be considerate of each other or headphones, nor am I interested in which foruncle has just been removed from which buttocks, which relatives or neighbors and must be communicated by phone. Or what's on TV right now, I prefer to decide for myself what I watch or listen to.


9. Everyone who comes to a campsite is a camper, whether with a tent, caravan or luxury motorhome. As a rule, campers do not have fleas and shower regularly, caravan drivers are not philistines and luxury car drivers are not arrogant snobs. Just approach people in an open and friendly way and sometimes the best friendships result from this. Everyone runs and prefers their form of camping, one just wants to get out into nature and enjoy the peace and quiet, the next needs a bit of action on the campsite and another still wants golden taps and just likes glamping. There are minimalists for whom camping can get by with little to nothing and as a contrast there are people who need 4 TVs in the caravan, a fully automatic coffee machine, air conditioning, movers, an ice cube machine, etc. These are also campers. 




10. I was wrong, there were only 9... :-)) :-))